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EnduraPrep Neutralizer - Super Concentrate - 1 Gallon


EnduraPrep Neutralizer - Super Concentrate - 1 Gallon

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EnduraPrep Neutralizer is a super concentrated product designed to neutralize EnduraColor Reactive Concrete Stains. EnduraPrep Neutralizer neutralizes the remaining acid residue and helps eliminate incompatibility with the sealers. Failure to neutralize EnduraColor Reactive Stains may result in sealer failure (white spots, blistering, delamination etc.). By neutralizing EnduraColor Reactive Concrete Stain properly with EnduraPrep Neutralizer, the sealer topcoat will wet out the surface and bond more efficiently. This will enhance the overall appearance of the acid stained surface and help extend the life of the sealer.

  • Neutralizes concrete to allow sealer adhesion & assists in removal of stain residue for Acid Stained Surfaces
  • Neutralizes concrete that has been acid etched or prepared with EnduraPrep Concrete Surface Conditioner
  • Extends the life of sealers on chemically stained or acid etched surfaces

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