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Return Policy

Since no control is exercised over product use, EnduraCoat warrants only that our products are of consistent quality within manufacturing tolerances. No other oral or written representation or statement of any kind, express or implied, now or hereafter made is authorized or warranted. Our obligations under this warranty shall be limited to refunding the purchase price of that portion of the material proven defective. Products must be unopened and in a condition to be re-sold. No returns after 30 days from delivery date. 

The customer will be responsible for the charges of shipping the product to our facility plus a 20% re-stocking fee. Refunds will be issued only if authorized by EnduraCoat prior to returning the products to our facility. EnduraCoat will not be liable for special, incidental or consequential damages, including for delays or lost profits. Any claim regarding a product defect must be received in writing thirty days from the date of purchase. No claim will be considered without such written notice or after the specified time interval. We recommend that you consult with a professional applicator regarding application technique. Final outcome will vary depending on the concrete surface & application technique. A product is not defective if you are unhappy with the final outcome of your finished surface. Please be certain to order the amount necessary for your project. We will not refund money for left-over or opened products.

Occasionally, packages are damaged during shipment. If there is significant damage to your package, you should contact us immediately so that we can assist you in having the shipping company replace your order. Re-shipment will occur as soon as a determination is made by the shipping company. We appreciate you understanding regarding these issues.