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Concrete Sealers

EnduraSeal - "High Performance" Concrete Sealers

A concrete surface is not complete until it has been sealed. EnduraSeal Concrete Sealers create a tough barrier that protects concrete from yellowing, scuffing, fading and extends the life of concrete surface. Here at EnduraCoat we use only the finest, 100% true acrylic resins and technology, therefore giving you the highest of quality concrete sealers.

Our EnduraSeal 100% Acrylic Sealer is a solvent base "wet look" semi gloss sealer specified for both interior and exterior use. The EnduraSeal W/B has the similar performance as our solvent based sealer but low odor and a breeze to apply. Our EnduraSeal Floor Finish is intended as a sacrificial coating for interior smooth  concrete surfaces that increases the shine & toughness.  This sealer will not only enhance the overall appearance of your concrete floor but will aid in an anti-slip floor system.