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EnduraSeal Premium Floor Finish 1 Gallon


EnduraSeal Premium Floor Finish 1 Gallon

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EnduraSeal Premium Floor Finish is a water-based acrylic co-polymerwhich forms a tough abrasion resistant clear non-yellowing top coat polish to protect existing sealers and finishes. Its toughness protects the existing finish and acts as a sacrificial coating for the hard sealed substrate. EnduraSeal Floor Finish resists scuffs and mars while enhancing the glossof the finish below. EnduraSeal Premium Floor Finish also increases slip resistance. It is designed to be applied on top of existing acrylic, polyurethane, and epoxy sealers. It is used on newly sealed floors and to restore shine on previously sealed concrete floors. Up to 1000 sq. ft. per gallon or more with no wax additives.

  • Glosses interior decorative concrete floors to bring back the rich "Wet Look"
  • Tough sacrificial coating protects floors from scratching with no wax
  • Up to 1000-2000 sq. ft. per gallon over previously sealed interior smooth surfaces
  • Hides scratches on hard sealed concrete floors
  • Water based & low odor

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